Friday, October 28, 2011

Fave Friday

There are certain albums that I play over and over again on my iPod. Sometimes it drives my husband crazy...

Lifehouse is one of them.

Jason Wade's raspy voice enthralls me every time I hear it. In concert he's even better!

Lifehouse - Everything

This song is one of my absolute favorites. Perfect for writing those emotional scenes. What song speaks to you? Do you tend to play the same albums repeatedly? Or am I the only one?


  1. Hi Elena, I recently received the Liebster Blog Award and when prompted to find 5 other blogs/bloggers that I would like to share it with, I thought of you as I love the layout and 'atmosphere' of your blog.

    To get your award go to and you’ll find all the information about the Liebster Blog Award and what you’ve got to do with it there.

    All the best

    Between The Lines

  2. Hi Elena.

    I absolutely love Lifehouse. There are a few others that I like to listen to while I write, like Sara Bareilles, The Fray, and The Script. I could go on. One of my favorite Lifehouse songs is From Where You Are. And I play them all over and over again!