Friday, October 28, 2011

Fave Friday

There are certain albums that I play over and over again on my iPod. Sometimes it drives my husband crazy...

Lifehouse is one of them.

Jason Wade's raspy voice enthralls me every time I hear it. In concert he's even better!

Lifehouse - Everything

This song is one of my absolute favorites. Perfect for writing those emotional scenes. What song speaks to you? Do you tend to play the same albums repeatedly? Or am I the only one?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Help! I See Dead People!

Woah!  Where am I?

I signed up for this Indie Book Collective blog tour called Masquerade, part of the Blog Tour de Force series.  Everything was fine until I just got kidnapped, blindfolded, and dumped here on Elena Gray’s blog.  It’s so dark here!  And #scary!  This place is so completely different from the blog I’m used to occupying.

Please help me get out of here.  When I was thrown into this dark place, I heard a gruff voice tell me that if I told anyone who I was that they would kill me.  Then they threw me a copy of Cristyn West and Elena Gray’s Widowmaker and told me it was the only entertainment I was allowed.


A horror movie that is causing people to die?  Something so scary that people watching it are seizing, bleeding out of their eyes, and having heart attacks?  #GROSS!

It does not help that they haven’t given me any lights other than the moonlight coming through the trees.  I have to press my nose to the book to read it and I keep waiting for something to grab me and hurt me, either on this blog or from the book.  The writing is so good that it feels so real and it is not helping me deal with my situation very well… yet I keep reading it!

The docu-horror film inside the book is called Terror in the Trees.  Looking around at the skeletal trees here on the blog, I can’t help but wonder if they’ve only brought me here to make me the subject of Elena’s next paranormal book.


Something just moved over there.

Man, I don’t even like horror movies.  I really don’t want to be in one.  I’m used to a much different form of entertainment--one that uses the entire color spectrum and not just black, blacker, and blackest.  The worst part?  There’s no one here to listen to my #sarcasm and #snark!

I don’t do well on my own.  I’m a social person.  I like to make people laugh with my writing and with my tweets.  I like talking about fun, happy memories of childhood and childlike adults (or making fun of them!).  Also, I just stepped in something that ruined my #shoes.

This experience is NOT getting filed under “fun, happy memories!”

Please, help me.  Help me and you can help yourself too!

I overheard someone talking when they were transporting me here.  They said that every person who comments on this one post that I was allowed would receive a free copy of Elena Gray and Cristyn West’s Widowmaker.  I’m betting even if you leave the lights on, it’ll still freak you out.  They even said that Elena is putting together a gift basket to give away to one of the commenters.  If it’s a severed head, I’m going to be very upset. 

Actually, she’s giving away a movie themed basket with a mystery DVD and all of the goodies you'll need to watch it.

On top of that, those crazy folks over at the Indie Book Collective are giving away a free Kindle to one participant over the course of the entire blog tour.

Ah, crap, someone’s coming.

The gruff voice just came and threw some more books at me.  They told me that I would be freed on Monday, October 24th but only if people can figure out who I am from my post will I be freed alive.  #gulp What kind of sick game are these people on about?!

I’m looking through these books.  The Demon Kiss by Lacey Weatherford? Sadistic evil mirrored with elements of love and epic quests.  Soul Search by Amber Scott is an animalistic story about a guy whose soul is split with that of a wolf.  Most of these books seem just as terrifying as Widowmaker!  I’ll settle on Ann Charles’s Dance of the Winnebagos, at least I caught references to Mighty Mouse, Miami Vice, and CSI early on… it appeals to my pop-culture fandom.

Are you still there?

Please, help me get out of here.  These twisted game-players want you to guess who I am from the list of 12 authors signed up to this freaky blog tour.  I tried to give you clues the brutes that threw me here may not catch.  Comment below with your guess.  Elena will email you details for your free copy of Widowmaker so make sure you leave your email address!

It’s up to you to get me out of here alive on Monday!  For sake of conversation, how about you also share with me your favorite horror movie?  I need to have something to do to keep me busy until Monday, when I am released… dead or alive.

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You should have arrived from Jeremy Rodden's rockin party and you're next stop tomorrow will be at Jackie Chanel's. Be sure to say trick or treat when you ring the bell! If you're joining the tour late, you can catch up on all of the goodies at Indie Book Collective.