Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prophecy Tour Final Day: Author Love

Welcome one and all to our PROPHECY TOUR, 2011! Gracen Miller, Deena Remiel, and I have teamed up to bring you three days of fascinating fun at all three of our websites. There's in-depth discussion of our craft, paranormal chit-chat, and promotions galore!

So, how does this work? All YOU need to do is read our posts and follow each day's rules to win prizes! At the end of each post are links to each of us that you can click on and follow. We hope you have fun, learn a bit more about us, and enjoy your experience. PROPHECY SAYS YOU WILL, SO WE SAY, GO WITH IT!

Today is the final day of our tour and it's all about showing some author love!  I was a fan of Deena and Gracen before I became a friend.  I was following both of their prequels on their blogs and eagerly awaiting the release of their books.  After many chats on FB a friendship was born!

I am so fortunate to have these two fabulous women in my life!  As a newbie writer, they are always available to offer me advice...and I gladly accept it!

First off I have to tell you that you will find yourself stalking Deena after reading Trinity.  Her angels are hot!  My only complaint is that I have to wait for Relic!  She can't write fast enough for me.

Angels are among us and they are here to battle evil and save our souls.

3 Protectors, 3 Warriors and 3 Saviors have manifested on earth.  They are known as the Brethren.  Whew...fanning myself just thinking about them! Grab a copy of Brethren Beginnings (you can see my review HERE) for an introduction to 3 of her other steamy angels.

Trinity is Michael's story.  He's one of the Protectors.  Michael is sent to help Emma and her daughter Hannah battle evil.  This book is beautifully written and will draw you in from start to finish.  I was up until the wee hours of the morning reading this. 


Barnes and Noble:,-deena-remiel?store=ALLPRODUCTS&keyword=trinity%2C+deena+remiel

Head to Gracen's blog and start reading her Life Lessons.  If that doesn't convince you to run out and buy Pandora's Box, then you're going to miss out on a terrifying read!

Madison is a kick ass Mom who will do anything to protect her son.  Even if it means going up against the King of Hell!

Pandora's Box is a crazy ride that you won't want to get off!

This is the first Horromance that I've read and I love how it goes from gory to sexy without ruining the flow.  One minute I was saying "that's gross" and the next I was saying "that's hot".

When's the release date for Hell's Phoenix (Book 2) Gracen?  I need to know what happens next! Running off to stalk her!


Decadent Publishing:


As a thank you for following us on this tour we have a Grand Prize to offer!  I created custom pieces for Deena, Gracen and myself to offer to one lucky winner.

Brethren Bracelet

Pandora's Box Earrings
Elena's Paranormal Ring

Here are the rules:
You must comment on all 3 of our blog posts today to be eligible.  Be sure to leave an email address so we can contact you if you win.

Links to:

Deena's Blog 
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  1. I have really enjoyed following this week and learning about all of your works and I appreciate Deena's introduction to your site and work. I look forward to continuing to follow you on your journey and reading what you share with us. Thank you for letting me participate in the fun.


  2. Hi Elena , I have been following this event and it has been great !! I just left Gracens blog , and I really enjoyed the post , I am sorry for the loss of your sister , cancer is no stranger to me either , I lost my dad and grandmother to it , I am in remission from it. I have enjoyed being on your blog and hope to hear and see more about you & your writing !
    Crystal Trent Dotson

  3. Those pieces are beaUtIful!

  4. The jewerly is beautiful and would love to win. I have had a lot of fun on this blog. Have read Deena's books, but have only read excerpts of Gracens and Elena work. I would love to read more by all these ladies. love to Brethren series, can't wait for more books. just picked up my 99cent copy of picture perfect. This was a fun little blog tour, will definately participate in more.
    thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

    something wrong with blogger dashboard and had to put under anonymous. GFC follower: Chris Bails

  5. Denise, thank you for joining us on this tour. We had so much fun!

    Crystal, I'm thankful to hear that you are in remission. It's sad how many peoples lives are affected by this disease.

    Tich, thank you for hanging out on the tour with me! And thank you for the compliment on my jewelry!

    Chris, thank you for stopping by! I'm glad that you've had so much fun. I adore Deena and Gracen and I'm thankful I got to share this event with them!

  6. Very cool blog tour, Elena. Loved your posts! Thanks for the book suggestions. I need some new stories to rock my world. ;-)


  7. Hi Elena...Gracen said your not published yet...Can I just offer to help promote you once you are? Gracen can vouch for me. I am a blogger. I read, write reviews and spread the love! So WHEN you get published, give me a hollar deal??

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. I have 3 sisters and cannot imagine losing any of them.

    The jewelry is beautiful and this tour has been SO MUCH FUN! Thank you and it is very nice meeting you!!!


  8. I have been following you for a while on here and FB.
    I am not only a book reviewer--I make jewelry too! It's fun and keeps me out of trouble (unless I decide that I need more supplies--that can get expensive!)


  9. You made the jewelry? It's gorgeous! This has been a great tour! Congratulations on your contract for The Evil Within! It sounds amazing and I can't wait to read it.


  10. Both books are great! Can't wait to read yours next, Elena! Thanks for the awesome tour! Y'all rock! <3 Love the jewelry!


  11. This has been so much fun. I heart you 3 so much :)

  12. i am looking forward to reading all of these books as these all sound like wonderful stories.
    the jewelery is gorgeous.

  13. PROPHECY TOUR was amazing. The jewelry seem wonderful.
    Thank you for the great giveaway and tour.

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  14. The way you three worked together on this was amazing! Love how y'all are so supportive!

  15. Kelli, these books will definitely rock your world!

    Mindy, thank you so much for the offer!! I would love to have you promote for me! I have 2 anthologies releasing in Oct.

    Sapphyria, I love making jewelry! You're right it does get expensive. I would love to see what you make! You can check out more of mine on FB under "Just Wynk"

    Brea, thank you for the compliment! These are the first pieces that I have made for a book tour. I'm planning to make a charm bracelet for me and my writing sister with charms for each book we release.

    Hi Kristina! Gracen's fellow #1 fan! Thank you for stopping by hon!

    Blackroze, thank you for the compliment!

    Misty, thank you so much for stopping by the tour. It was a pleasure getting to know you better! Hugs!

    Tammy, you won't be disappointed w/ Gracen & Deena's books!

    Diana, thank you so much for stopping by!!

    Nicole, thank you for the kind words! I adore Deena and Gracen!

  16. This is such a wonderful idea and I adore seeing so many authors coming together and supposrting each other. Thank you for sharing a wonderful week! I'm sorry I had not commented much. I have been super busy. Hugs to you all!

    Leanne G.

  17. Wanna read a horror story as witty as it is gruesome? Check out Widowmaker by Crystin West and Elena Grey. If you are tired of the same old horror formulas, and like wit and originality as much as you like gore, grab a copy of Widowmaker, pop up some popcorn (suggestion, don’t add that oily ersatz butter stuff that can occasionally mimic blood…) and settle in for a movie buff’s treat of a horror story.

    P.S. Elena: I loved the story!
    Check out my review at and soon to be on Amazon under my reviewing name of romanchick.