Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prophecy Tour Day 1: My Road to Writing

Welcome one and all to our PROPHECY TOUR, 2011! Gracen Miller, Deena Remiel, and I have teamed up to bring you three days of fascinating fun at all three of our websites. There's in-depth discussion of our craft, paranormal chit-chat, and promotions galore!

So, how does this work? All YOU need to do is read our posts and follow each day's rules to win prizes! At the end of each post are links to each of us that you can click on and follow. We hope you have fun, learn a bit more about us, and enjoy your experience. PROPHECY SAYS YOU WILL, SO WE SAY, GO WITH IT!

You always hear authors say that since they were a child, they dreamed about being an author. That they have piles of notebooks under their bed of all the amazing tales they created through the years. And then there's my story. I became a writer because I wanted to win a book. Funny how things happen.

I had entered a contest on an author's blog that asked you to create a character and you would be entered to win a copy of the author's book. Cool. Sounded like fun, and I really wanted her book.  So I began to create a character and his love interest.

Not only did I create a character, but I created a monster as well. This couple would not leave me alone. They wanted me to finish their story. They followed me everywhere. To the grocery store, the bathroom, they even invaded my dreams. Nothing was off limits to them. They were actually extremely annoying.

So one night, while on an author's chat, an author asked if I was an author. I responded “no, but I had these characters that nagged me constantly to write their story.” She told me to go for it. Write it down and see what happens. So I did. I wrote 20K in less than two months. I couldn't believe it. The story spilled out and my book was almost complete. Almost.

As a newbie author still honing her craft, I had hundreds of questions swirling through my mind and no idea where to find the answers.

Fortunately I found an amazing writing sister! We share our insecurities about writing, bounce ideas off of each other and give each other the nudge we need to keep plugging away.

We discovered each other in our book group. We both write paranormal and are working on our first novel, so it seemed only natural for us to work together and critique our books. Our first collaborative phone conversation lasted for hours! It was nice to know that the things I was struggling with in my writing, were also things that she was struggling with. If I was stuck on a plot point, she would talk it through with me until I could come up with a solution and vice versa. As a new author, I didn't know what were normal fears or struggles. Now I had someone to share that with.

We are our own worst critic. Thankfully I have a critique partner that I click with. When I begin to doubt myself, she gives me the boost I need to keep plugging away. All authors need their very own cheerleader. And did I mention chat is our lifeline? We constantly check in with each other to see where we are with our writing. We are chatting online as I type this. It's nice to know that even though we are miles from each other, we can hop on and connect at any time. 

The friendships that I've developed since I began writing are what keep me motivated and on track. They are invaluable. I wouldn't have progressed as far as I have without them. If any of us need help, everyone steps up to offer support and guidance. There is no competition here. If one of us succeeds we all succeed! There isn't a more rewarding feeling than seeing your friend's book released and helping promote and review it.

That's why I'm honored to participate in this tour with Deena and Gracen!

For your chance to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card, let me know who is the one person that keeps you on track.  Be sure to leave your email address with your comment so I can contact you if you win.

For more on craft head over to Gracen Miller and Deena Remiel's Website.


  1. This is going to sound REALLY dorky, but you do! You were one of the first READERS that read my book when it first came out last November. It seemed like I was everywhere, blogs, chat rooms, website forums. Whereever I went it seemed like we "bumped" into one another. What an inspiration you were to me! When we finally just started emailing it was great. Now, I feel like you are one of the first people I want to SHARE news with and ask for input from.

    Thanks so much for being the little jewel in my email inbox!

    Wishing you much success in your writing...
    Tammie Clarke Gibbs

  2. Aww Tammie! Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad that we met! I truly believe that people are brought into our lives for a reason! You know I'm always here for you!


  3. This might sound corny but the person who keeps me on track (and in check) is my husband. He honestly makes me strive to be a good person. He puts up with a lot from and I could not love him more for it!

    Nice to meet you Elena! I love your story on how you became a writer! That is great. Not everyone was a born writer for sure. I wish I had characters in my head. I really do! I think that is the coolest thing ever!!!


  4. My husband is the one person that keeps me on track. He loves me unconditionally, holds me accountable, & supports me in all my crazy adventures.


  5. Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

    Lola x

  6. Let's see. Who keeps me on track? Hmmm... You of course! Hello my writing sister! Great post! I'm so glad we found each other and were able to connect with our writing. I don't know what I'd do without you. Seriously, you keep me motivated and on track. You don't let me quit, even when there are days that I question my writing career. So thank you for being here for me. I can't wait until we are able to celebrate your book and my book's release. Yay!

  7. My peers in the blog world. They will let me know with a quickness if they do not like the way something is presented, or if they like a certain way I have done something.


  8. LOVED your post Elena! Who keep me on track? Well writing wise, I'd have to say my BFF Lacey and confidante Deena. They are wells of information and I love being able to talk "stories" with them. Most of all I'm grateful for their support and the occasional kick in the pants I need LOL

    With life in general, it's my husband. He's there for me regardless, through the giddy squees to the sobbing breakdowns. Doesn't matter what it is, he's behind me 100% and does all he can to help. I have NO idea how I got so lucky because he is perfect and balances me! *sigh* He's my hero!

    Bels - thebookishsnob(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

  9. I loved that you shared your journey with us, Elena. I know that you will be a successful author. I've read and I believe. :)

  10. A crit partner is invaluable in your writing journey! I'm glad you found her!


  11. For the most part I'm the one that keeps me on track. I'm in college, work full time, have a review blog, and a family & home. My husband would prefer I don't go to school because it stresses me out and he's jealous of the attention I give to the books that I review on the blog. Don't get me wrong, he's a great man. His ideas of a well-rounded person just differ from mine sometimes.


  12. I have to say I have two very important people that keep me on track when it comes to my life. The adult of the two would be my mother. She's been a strong support system for me through my recent situation involving my husband leaving me after being together for 11 years. She has helped me with my 11 month old son so much, and helped me make the decision to go back to school to better not only me, but my son's life. My second person, of course, would be my little boy. I wake up everyday to his smiling face, and he makes me realize that, though I am hurting and feeling lost right now, he is worth every moment of it.

    Sheri Callander

  13. Characters totally follow me into the bathroom too! *scoff* They have NO boundaries. :)

  14. Thank you everyone for stopping by!!

    Mindy & Tich, thank you for sharing about your husbands and how much they believe in you!

    Lola, I'm glad you found my blog too! Thanks for visiting!

    Kelli, you know I love you girl! Who else would I cry with?

    Blue Shedevil, it sounds like you have some pretty great friends in the blogging world. It's nice to get honest feedback.

    Belinda, hey hon. It's nice when your friends share the same passion for writing. They are the only ones that can understand what a writer's life is really like. So glad that you also have your very own hero!

    Deena & Gracen, so glad that you are both a part of my writing journey!

    Sapphyria, you are a strong woman to handle all of that without a support system. Wishing you much success in the future!

    Sheri, thank you for sharing your story. As a mom, my boys are my inspiration too. I'm so glad that your mom is helping you through this difficult change in your life. Hugs to you!

    Chelsea, I know...characters can be so rude sometimes!