Monday, July 18, 2011

Menage a Blog With Deena Remiel

It's Menage time!  Menage a Blog that is!  

3 authors a day for 4 days will be flirting their way to the finish line and wooing you with their amazing books!

I am honored to sponsor "Brethren Beginnings" by Deena Remiel on this amazing tour!  

Angels are among us and they are here to battle evil and save our souls.

3 Protectors, 3 Warriors and 3 Saviors have manifested on earth.  They are known as the Brethren.

"Brethren Beginnings Vol 1" introduces us to 3 of them.

Gabriel, a Protector, is tasked with saving a group of young men and women from a man that uses them for his own financial gain.  

Nathanael, a Warrior, is battling his own inner demons.  With great power comes great temptation.  

Cassiel, a Savior, lives his life as a doctor, saving children from life threatening illnesses.  But will he be able to save them all?

I eagerly await reading Gabriel, Nathanael & Cassiel's full story!  Especially Nathanael!  He has a long road ahead and must save himself from evil before he can save the world.

I must warn you, that reading this novella will cause you to become addicted to Deena's Angels.  You may find yourself emailing, tweeting and basically stalking Deena at all hours of the night looking for clues into the release date of her future novels.  Oh wait a minute...that may just be me.

Also please understand that this novella is not a romance.  It's just an introduction to the characters.  What?  She has to save something for her books!

When you are finished with "Brethren Beginnings", grab a copy of "Trinity".  It contains Michael's story and yes there you will find a love story!

So if you ever find yourself in need of an Angel, send out a prayer and they will appear!

Psst...would you like a free ebook copy of "Brethren Beginnings"?  Tell me the secret message in your comment below and it's yours!  And don't forget to leave your email address so I know where to send your ebook. don't know the secret message?  Well because I love you all so much, I am going to give you the link to Deena's blog and you will find it there!  Click Here

Then come back and comment!

Make sure you follow Deena at the links below!  She loves to meet new peeps!  Tell her that I sent you!

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  1. no i pretty much email, stalk all her pages and if i had her number would text her...hahaha lovely review...oh and *cough cough* Nathanael is mine hahaha sorry had too <3 Deena Remiel she can spank me anytime.....and <3 you too next time dont use the feather on me im ticklish

  2. Not familiar with this author or her books, but they sound like some I would definitely enjoy, and I look forward to reading them!

  3. Elena, you rock! Thanks for the wonderufl review. I love you bunches!

    LINDSEY!!! I don't need to say anymore... LOL

    Elizabeth, my angels look forward to meeting YOU!

  4. LOL Lindsey! You are hilarious!

    Elizabeth, you will love Deena & her angels! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The Brethren sound hot! Thanks!


  6. “I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

    I hope this is what I am supposed to do LOL

  7. I can't wait to read this. Thank you for sharing today. I have signed up to follow you lovely blog and look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Of course Deena says "I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!"


  8. Jodie the Brethren are definitely HOT!

    April you did it right! But I need your email to send you the ebook link!

  9. Thank you Denise! You'll love Brethren Beginnings! Deena is awesome too! Absolutely love her!

  10. "I keep my enemies close,but my Brethren Angles closer!"
    thanks Rhonda

  11. "I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer"

    marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

  12. "I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren Angels closer!" They are so yummy!!!

    Woo Hoo! Thanks for the awesome Menage Blog Op!

  13. Thank you Rhonda, Mara and Just Another for stopping by! I hope you enjoy Brethren Beginnings!

  14. “I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

  15. I've already sent the secret message and got the book *grins* I'm going to start reading it next week and I'm super excited :D Who else is sharing book love this week? Deena AND?? XD I'm stalking and trying to go to all the pages so maybe I'll stumble across it :D

    swtlilangel4jc at yahoo dot com ;) in case you need to get a hold of me :D love the background on your site Elena!

  16. I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!

    FatesTwists AT yahoo DOT com

  17. “I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

  18. Can I pray for a hot angel ready to fall from Grace?

  19. “I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”
    Love to have any of Deena's books!
    Can’t wait to read them!
    Thanx! Missy
    missyebookmail AT mediacombb DOT net

  20. “I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

    I look forward to reading this book. Thank you for the gift....

  21. Thank you for stopping by everyone! If you didn't get your copy of Brethren Beginnings from Deena, please let me know and I will send you the link.

    Avadonja I don't have an email from you. I'm hoping that you posted on Deena's site too and that she sent you a copy. Let me know if you didn't get a copy!

  22. I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!

    I have a copy, just writing to say love the website and hoping to get that Kindle : )

  23. “I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

    I have a copy of book but just wanted to say thank you for the insight on Deena's book.

    Teresa K.