Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why Giveaways Will No Longer Be On FB

For those that don't know, FB has a policy in place in regards to contests.  Here is the link so you can read it in full .  
Is today the first day that I'm finding out about FB's contest rules?  No.  I knew when I created my page, but figured they didn't enforce it, because so many other pages were offering contests.  Well now the word is out, they are cracking down and canceling accounts that violate their policies.  Am I mad?  Yes, but I can only blame myself, because I knew going in what their policy entailed.
So does this mean that I will stop offering giveaways?  Absolutely not!  They will now take place on my blog.  I don't want those that have been faithfully following my FB page to miss out, so I have multiple options in place to follow me.  On the right sidebar you can select Google Friend Connect, Email Subscription or Networked Blogs.  I would love it if you would follow GFC and Networked Blogs.  It makes it easier for me to see all of my FB peeps.  So hurry and sign up so we can return to our regularly scheduled contest!


  1. Thanks Leanne! I won't bombard you with emails! You can see that my posts are limited. I'll bombard you with chit chat on my FB page! LOL

  2. Thats so annoying! What is the point?

  3. i follow here, your fb and now email subscribed

  4. im following by email! <3 - kali