Monday, May 9, 2011

Comment Posting 101

I thought I would write today's blog post about commenting.  Many people miss out on the full blogging experience, because they don't know how to post a comment.  To minimize confusion, I'll use the two most common blogging sites.  The first will be blogger and the second WordPress.  Comment links are generally found at the end of the post. 

The above is an example of a pop up window in Blogger.  Enter your comment in the box.  Some bloggers will have word verification enabled.  This is to make sure you are a real person and not a spammer.  There are several options to identify yourself.  Since this is for beginners, I'm only going to cover the ones that will most likely pertain to you.  You can log in with your Google Account (password is secure and not shared), your name (typically your first name and last initial), or Anonymously.  Some bloggers may not allow you to log in anonymously.  Once you have filled in your info, click Post Comment.

The above is an example of one that will appear below the post in Blogger.  Enter your comment in the box.  From the drop down menu you can either select Google, Name or Anonymous.  Once you have filled in your info, click Post Comment.  If word verification is enabled, you will have to complete that before it will finish posting.

The above is an example from WordPress.  This only requires your name (first and last initial) and email address.  If word verification is enabled you will need to complete that as well.

Some bloggers may have restrictions on who can comment.  I only showed examples where restrictions were removed.  If moderation is enabled, your post will not appear right away.  This means they need to approve your comment before it can be posted.  

If you are posting for a contest, they may ask you to enter your email address with your comment.  To avoid spammers, enter it as elena(at)elenagray(dot)com.    

Don't be afraid to comment on a blog.  Just be respectful and have fun!

How about a little test.  Post a comment here.  You can say hi, or let me know that this is your first time posting.  


  1. LOL...great post!!!

    I must admit I was very lost the first time I left a comment on a blog and this post would have been very helpful:)

    Thanks, Cath

  2. LOL! I know! I fumbled for a little bit before I figured it out too!

  3. thank you for your help.i get so overwhelmed so easily, but this was very helpful.i really appreciate it. - kali